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Leading Fertility Centers Align for Access to Quality Frozen Egg Clinics

The Egg Donor Cryobank exists to connect egg donors, intended parents and fertility centers, providing regulated access to a higher standard of egg bank services. Our founding physicians and laboratory directors determined to support the incredible growing field of third-party reproduction with standardized collection, freezing and delivery protocols.

We have a coast-to-coast presence and each client, including both donors and intended parents, can expect the upper echelon of expertise, experience and proven technologies.

From New York and California and metropolitan areas in between such as Washington D.C., our network clinics enable clients to quickly and affordably access highly screened reproductive materials from an extensive donor base of vibrant young women.

Expand Your Cryopreservation Capabilities

Partnering with the Egg Donor Cryobank positions you to enlist the strength of the oocyte preservation programs at our network clinics. Some of the country’s top IVF labs and ARTs programs are represented here. We provide an alternative to creating and managing an in-house frozen egg program, providing for our clients a reputable source for storing and accessing frozen eggs and trusted egg acquisition options for your donors.

The services that we offer include industry-leading protocols and distinctions:

  • Reputable IVF clinics led by board certified reproductive endocrinologists
  • Oocyte preservation with vitrification technology
  • Leading-edge specimen identification systems
  • Comprehensive donor screening protocols

Explore the Benefits of Partnering with the Egg Donor Cryobank

You chose to specialize in reproductive endocrinology to serve the infertile community. Enlisting the help of an egg donor cryobank frees you to concentrate on your core competencies while we manage the complex processes of donor screening, donor compensation and oocyte storage.

If you are a fertility center interested in partnering with the Egg Donor Cryobank, contact us to learn more about our capabilities and proven success records. We are committed to enhancing the pregnancy success rates for fertility centers and the men and women that they serve.