Why Work With EDCB for Egg Donation?

Hopeful parents have many reasons to select EDCB for egg donation

When you’re ready to build a family using egg donation, it’s important to find the right egg bank network. You can choose between frozen and fresh egg banks, but many hopeful parents find that frozen eggs offer more reliability and versatility.

EDCB is a comprehensive frozen egg bank network that offers a diverse pool of qualified donors. Learn more about the EDCB difference.

We thoroughly prescreen all women in our egg donation pool

Our frozen egg bank network meticulously screens each donor for genetic, physical and psychological fitness. Choosing to build a family through egg donation is a big decision. When you select EDCB, you don’t have to worry about whether your donor has a family history of genetic disease or is physically or psychologically unfit to donate her eggs.

We work with experienced, fully credentialed healthcare and laboratory professionals to conduct extensive mental and physical health screenings of all donors. Our thorough prescreening process gives you access to only the most-qualified donors, so you can be confident that the highest standards have been met at every step of the donation process.

Our team maintains an extensive egg donor database

Our egg donors are not only psychologically and physically qualified to donate their eggs, they also come from diverse backgrounds. Our differences make the world a wonderful place, and we strive to maintain a frozen egg bank network that reflects this diversity.

To help you find the perfect egg donor for your family, our extensive database of egg donors allows you to search by education, ethnicity, interests, personality and physical appearance.

Our frozen egg bank network has high pregnancy success rates

Many frozen egg banks provide frozen eggs, but not all egg banks use the best cryopreservation methods to maximize the chances of successful thawing. EDCB has an excellent record of successful pregnancies resulting from donated eggs, thanks to our two highly trained Ph.D. biologists, Bronte Stone, Ph.D., and John Scodras, Ph.D., who collectively bring more than 60 years of laboratory experience to the egg freezing process.

We only use the latest vitrification technology to freeze and store eggs. Since this advanced process keeps the outer surface of the egg intact, the odds are increased that the majority of eggs you choose will fertilize and develop into viable embryos, once you are ready to begin the IVF process.

If you are interested in working with EDCB to build a family through egg donation, please contact us today. With our advanced egg freezing processes and highly qualified donors, your dreams of parenthood can become a reality.

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