Why Use EDCB Partner Fertility Clinics?

Our team partners with the nation’s best fertility clinics

Egg Donor Cryobank strives to help men and women achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our frozen egg bank network accomplishes this goal by maintaining a diverse and highly qualified pool of egg donors and partnering with fertility clinics around the country that have excellent pregnancy rates. EDCB and our partner fertility clinics work together to help hopeful parents build families.

EDCB has an extensive network of partner fertility clinics

Our frozen egg bank network exists to connect egg donors, hopeful parents and fertility clinics. Our laboratory directors and founding physicians use state-of-the-art collection, freezing and delivery protocols to support family-building through egg donation. However, no medical procedures take place at our frozen egg bank network. Instead, we refer hopeful parents and egg donors to our partner fertility clinics for treatment, while our team handles the other aspects of the egg donation process:

  • Find and screen egg donors to maintain a comprehensive donor database.
  • Connect hopeful parents with donated eggs to begin the egg donation process.
  • Use leading-edge vitrification technology to freeze and store donor eggs.

From New York to California, our team has connections with some of the best fertility centers and IVF labs across the United States. When hopeful parents select one of our partner fertility centers, they can be confident that they will have access to world-class expertise, experience and medical care. The fertility specialists at our partner clinics utilize proven assisted reproductive technologies and compassionate care to make every step of the egg donation process go as smoothly as possible.

Best of all, our partner clinics give hopeful parents exclusive access to donor eggs from our extensive egg donor network of highly qualified and diverse young women. While our partner fertility clinics provide the medical services associated with third-party reproduction, our frozen egg bank network manages donor acquisition, donor screening and donor compensation, as well as egg freezing and storage.

EDCB and our partner fertility centers work together to help build families

With help from our frozen egg bank network and our partner fertility centers across the country, hopeful parents can build the families they’ve always dreamed of.

If you are interested in building a family through egg donation, contact us to schedule a consultation today. Your dreams of parenthood can become a reality.

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