Selecting Frozen Eggs

When Selecting Frozen Egg Donors you will need to decided between self-recruitment or an egg donor agency

Choosing an Egg Donor

Ninety percent of egg donation in the US is done by way of soliciting the services of anonymous donors who usually are recruited through a state-licensed egg donor agency. It is less common for recipients to solicit known donors through the services of an egg donor agency, although this does happen on occasion. It is also not easy to find donors who are willing to enter into such an open arrangement. Accordingly, in the vast majority of cases where the services of a known donor are solicited, it is usually by virtue of a private arrangement. While the services of non-family member, known donors are sometimes sought, it is much more common for recipients to approach close family members in an attempt to retain as much of the family gene pool as possible.

Many recipients feel the compulsion to know or at least to have met the egg donor so as to gain first hand familiarity with their physical characteristics, intellect, and personality. It is of interest that in the US, the decision to use a known donor is relatively infrequently based solely on the desire to reduce or eliminate the donor fee. Certain states, such as New York, have rather stringent requirements legislated by the Department of Health (DOH).

These regulations are intended to regulate the incidence of communicable diseases. In situations where the DOH prohibits the use of a donor, one can circumvent this by using what is referred to as a “known donor.” in this context, the recipient and the donor “know” each other. What makes this rather nebulous is that the definition of what constitutes a relationship where the parties know each other is quite poorly defined. However, it is a way to use a specific donor, who would not be allowed to donate but for this provision in their regulations.

Matching the donor and recipient

Egg Donor CryoBank will prepare a rather extensive donor profile on you (but your identity will remain anonymous). Information and services are offered online via a dedicated website, which may be accessed by the recipient and her partner by obtaining a password. By use of such a website for example, they can select or narrow down their selection of the most suitable egg donor in the privacy of their home.

Americans tend to place great emphasis on psychological screening of egg donors.

Since most donors are “anonymous,” it is incumbent upon the egg donor agency or art program to determine the donor’s degree of commitment as well as her motivation for deciding to provide this service. There have been instances where a donor has changed her mind mid-stream. If you have any questions or concerns including various stresses and pressures in your daily life, please discuss these with your donor coordinator prior to commencing treatment. All donors will undergo routine psychological counseling and screening.

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