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EDCB can help you find ethnic egg donors who meet our qualifications

The team at EDCB realizes that every client who visits our frozen egg bank network is looking for an egg donor who matches their ethnic background. For certain ethnicities, finding an egg donor is relatively simple. However, it can be more difficult to find ethnic egg donors at precisely the right time. To overcome this problem, EDCB maintains a diverse database of qualified egg donors from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. Our goal is to help you build the family of your dreams.

We value diversity in our intended parents and our egg donors

Diversity is a large part of what makes the world such a wonderful place. Our frozen egg bank network strives to maintain a database that is a reflection of ethnicities in today’s global community.

Whether you are looking for an Asian egg donor who has your Japanese heritage, a Jewish donor who shares your ethnic and religious background, or an Italian egg donor who will allow you to pass your heritage to your child, our team can help you. In fact, intended parents who have previously struggled to find an egg donor of a certain ethnicity discover that EDCB can help them find ethnic egg donors that align with their search criteria.

Our team can assist you in finding the right egg donor for your family, even if you are looking for a very specific background. Maybe you want your egg donor to come from a certain region of China, or you want to ensure that your donor is an Ashkenazi Jew. We understand how important it is to find an egg donor who matches your background as closely as possible, and we make it a priority to track down a donor who is the right fit.

Here is a partial list of our egg donor ethnicities:

EDCB is your egg donor search partner

Many parents-to-be feel alone during the egg donor search process, but our frozen egg bank network is different. We stand by your side as you review egg donor profiles in our database. Also, if our database doesn’t have an egg donor who matches your ethnic background, we will do our best to find one who does. EDCB is committed to helping you build a family who shares your ethnicity and heritage.

If you have questions about how EDCB can help you find an egg donor from a specific ethnic background, please contact our friendly and informative office staff today.

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