Known versus Anonymous Donors

What you need to know about known versus anonymous donors

Our frozen egg bank network wants to help hopeful parents understand the difference between known versus anonymous donors. When donor eggs are needed, it’s important for women and men to think carefully about how much, if any, contact they’d like to have with their egg donor.

Understanding known versus anonymous donors

As hopeful parents utilizing donor eggs consider their options, they should determine whether they would prefer known versus anonymous donors.

  • Do you want your future child to have a relationship with the donor?

    If hopeful parents feel that it is important for their future children to have the option of meeting the egg donor, it’s important that they make this preference clear from the beginning. For a donation to be known, meaning the egg donor and hopeful parents have a relationship, the donor must agree to these conditions prior to starting the donation process. Many donors prefer anonymous donations, but there are certainly exceptions.

  • What type of known donation would you like?

    Hopeful parents deciding between known versus anonymous donors should consult with an attorney and our third-party reproduction specialists to gather information about the various options available for known donations. For known donations, there are typically two options, including known and semi-known. A known donation allows the hopeful parents and the egg donor to build a relationship, while a semi-known donation permits limited communication.

  • How much access to a donor’s medical history would you like?

    While anonymous donations allow hopeful parents to receive a thorough account of a donor’s current and past medical history, it’s possible that hopeful parents would not be informed if the donor developed health issues later in life. A known donation would make it more likely that the donor would inform the hopeful parents of health developments that might affect their child.

Regardless of the hopeful parent’s decision about known versus anonymous donors, our frozen egg bank network recommends they consult with an attorney who specializes in third-party reproduction to fully understand the details and make an informed decision.

What you will know about the health of an anonymous donor

Information about a donor’s health is often a consideration when hopeful parents are choosing between known versus anonymous donors. It’s important for women and men to realize that they will receive an in-depth picture of a donor’s health, appearance, education and more, even if they select an anonymous donation.

  • Personal medical history and current health status
  • Family health history
  • Psychological health
  • Genetic abnormalities
  • Appearance and ethnicity
  • Personality
  • Education
  • Donor history, if applicable

We want all hopeful parents to feel comfortable with the decision-making process when considering known versus anonymous donors. The compassionate and knowledgeable team at our frozen egg bank network is here to assist, and can provide recommendations for attorneys who specialize in third-party reproduction.

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