Frozen Eggs for Gay Couples

Fresh vs. Frozen Eggs for Gay Couples

For many gay couples, the path to parenthood is surrogacy. But choosing to use a surrogate is just one of many decisions that you and your partner must make. Another is the choice between frozen or fresh donor eggs. Our egg donor cryobank offers frozen eggs for gay couples who want an easy and affordable path to fatherhood.

Frozen eggs for gay couples: Less risk, more control

To use a surrogate, gay couples typically invest in legal fees, compensation and medical testing and procedures. Working with a donor to acquire fresh eggs can add even more time, expense and stress.

Gay couples who choose fresh donor eggs must:

  • Coordinate the egg donor’s cycle with the surrogate’s cycle.
  • Pay for all medications and procedures involved in the donor’s egg retrieval.
  • Pay all legal expenses associated with the donation.
  • Compensate the egg donor for her time and travel.
  • Accept the risk that the donor may not produce enough quality eggs for fertilization.

Because our egg donor cryobank lets you choose from a large number of donors who have already contributed frozen eggs, these considerations and risks don’t apply.

When you choose to use frozen eggs from our cryobank, all aspects of the donation have already been taken care of. All arrangements for legal requirements, egg retrieval, compensation and travel have already been handled, eliminating delays and hassles for you and your partner. You simply reserve your donor’s frozen eggs, and they are set aside for your use whenever you and your surrogate are ready.

Because your frozen eggs can be thawed and fertilized at any time – even years from now – you can schedule in vitro fertilization around your schedules and your surrogate’s cycle and availability.

The frozen egg/surrogacy process

Our egg donor cryobank carefully screens all donors prior to donation, selecting only women who are young, healthy, fertile and drug-free. When you choose a donor from our egg donor cryobank’s database, her eggs are ready and waiting for you. There are no delays, no guesswork, and, unlike a fresh donation, no chance that the donor could be disqualified based on some unforeseen factor.

Request access to view our egg donor cryobank’s extensive database of egg donors, who have agreed to help build families by donating frozen eggs for gay couples. Then:

  • Choose your donor and reserve her eggs.
  • When your surrogate is ready, your donor’s eggs will be shipped to your fertility center’s IVF lab.
  • You and/or your partner will contribute sperm to fertilize the thawed eggs.
  • Embryos will be allowed to grow in the lab for several days.
  • The embryologist will select one high-quality embryo for transfer to your surrogate.
  • Any remaining embryos will be frozen for future use.

Start building your family now

The convenience of frozen donor eggs can help make the experience of growing your family more joyful and less stressful. To learn more about frozen eggs for gay couples, contact our egg donor cryobank.