Fresh Donor Eggs

Learn the difference between frozen and fresh donor eggs

Men and women often ask the experts at our frozen egg bank network about the difference between frozen and fresh donor eggs. While fresh eggs used to be the norm, frozen eggs are being used more frequently because they have very similar rates of success, thanks to advances in flash freezing technology.

What you need to know about fresh donor eggs

You need to keep in mind many considerations as you decide whether to use frozen or fresh donor eggs.

  • Cost difference. A fresh donor egg cycle typically costs more than a frozen one because the hopeful parents will be paying for the donor’s screening and egg retrieval.
  • Immediate transfer. After a fresh egg donor cycle, an embryologist fertilizes the eggs and the fertility specialist transfers one of the resulting embryos to the hopeful mother’s uterus in the same cycle. With a frozen egg donor cycle, the timeline is more flexible, so the hopeful parents can decide when the eggs will be thawed, fertilized and transferred.
  • Speed of decision-making. With fresh donor eggs, it can be difficult to find available donors who meet the criteria you are looking for. You will need to move fast to select the ideal donor when doing a fresh egg cycle to ensure she is not selected by other hopeful parents. Using frozen eggs is different because more than one set of hopeful parents can utilize batches of the donor’s eggs at the same time.
  • Consistency of eggs retrieved. With a fresh donor cycle, it’s impossible to know the exact number of healthy eggs you will get, but frozen donor eggs come in consistent batches.
  • Potential waiting. There are many variables in a cycle for fresh donor eggs, which means that the hopeful parents may need to wait longer for the eggs. With frozen eggs, the hopeful parents can utilize them almost immediately because the donor has already undergone screening, ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval.

The specialists at our frozen egg bank network are here to support hopeful parents as they decide between fresh and frozen donor eggs, and take the next step towards their dream of parenthood.

Moving forward with donor eggs

For many women and men, the use of donor eggs leads to a healthy pregnancy. Our frozen egg bank network is here to guide you through the process of deciding between fresh donor eggs and frozen donor eggs.

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