Find Jewish Egg Donors

EDCB makes it easy for intended parents to find Jewish egg donors

The team at EDCB realizes that Jewish intended parents often want to share their heritage with their future children. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right egg donor. Our frozen egg bank network makes it easy to find Jewish egg donors by maintaining a large database of qualified donors of Jewish descent.

Reasons you may want to find Jewish egg donors

Our frozen egg bank network serves intended parents from a variety of cultures. Many intended parents worry that their ethnic heritage will be lost if they can’t find an egg donor who closely matches their ethnicity and background. This is a special concern for Jewish clients, because a child traditionally inherits their Jewish heritage from their mother.

Most rabbinic authorities state that egg donation is permitted under Jewish law. However, the Jewish world is divided on whether intended parents need to find a Jewish egg donor. According to the conservative and orthodox traditions, an egg donor must be Jewish. In contrast, the reform movement is less strict about whether a donor must be of Jewish descent. The reform movement holds that the child will be considered Jewish if their parents are Jewish.

In addition to the requirements of Jewish law, many intended parents also want to pass their heritage to their children for personal reasons. These parents want to do more than share Jewish traditions, they want to share their Jewish heritage and lineage. EDCB can help you find Jewish egg donors to make this possible.

EDCB helps intended parents find specific Jewish traits and backgrounds

Our frozen egg bank network wants to help you find a Jewish egg donor who is the perfect fit for your family. When you visit EDCB, we work with you to find a donor who has the exact traits, background and characteristics you’re seeking. For example, we can find out if an egg donor is Ashkenazi, Mizrahi or Sephardic. Our team can also present detailed medical and family histories for each of our Jewish egg donors.

Jewish egg donors are among the most difficult to locate; however, the team at EDCB works tirelessly to find Jewish egg donors from all around the United States. Our goal is to help you start the family of your dreams. To find out more, please contact us today.

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