Find Asian Egg Donors

EDCB has helped countless couples find Asian egg donors

The team at EDCB is committed to helping intended parents find the right egg donor for their family. As part of this commitment, our frozen egg bank network offers egg donors from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. We realize that some heritages, such as Asian, can be more difficult to locate, but our diverse donor pool makes it easier to find Asian egg donors.

Intended parents can find Asian egg donors from a number of specific backgrounds

EDCB has experience working with intended parents from Asian backgrounds. Our team is sensitive to the cultural issues that are important to you, and we understand how important it is for many intended parents to share their ethnic identity with their children.

Many egg banks around the country don’t even list the exact heritage of their donors. However, we realize that each Asian heritage is unique. To help you find the perfect donor for your family, our frozen egg bank network recruits Chinese, Japanese and Korean egg donors, among others.

We can also find egg donors from any other Asian background. Sometimes our team can even locate donors from a specific region in a country. Our goal is to help intended parents find Asian egg donors who meet all of their criteria.

You can feel confident when you select an egg donor from EDCB

Our frozen egg bank network only works with qualified egg donors. Each egg donor at EDCB has met the following criteria.

  • She is a healthy woman between the ages of 19 and 30.
  • She has no communicable diseases or genetic abnormalities.
  • She has undergone and passed extensive genetic, medical and psychological screening.
  • She has signed legal agreements releasing the rights to her donated eggs.

While EDCB is committed to keeping our egg donors anonymous, we do give you information about a donor’s appearance, ethnicity, education, health and family history. We realize that this information is necessary for you to make an informed decision when selecting an egg donor.

If you have additional questions about finding Asian egg donors, please contact EDCB. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is excited to help you build your family.

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