Egg Donor Selection

Learn how to make egg donor selection a simple and effective process

The team at our frozen egg bank network wants to help hopeful parents with egg donor selection. We understand what an important decision this is, and that it can be both exciting and overwhelming. However, the right strategy can make egg donor selection a seamless and joyful experience for everyone involved.

Tips for egg donor selection

To support hopeful parents in selecting the ideal donor, the team at our frozen egg bank network has compiled a list of points to keep in mind as they explore our extensive egg donor database.

  • Know that we provide high-quality donors. As hopeful parents move through egg donor selection, they can rest assured that we have carefully screened all of our donors for genetic, physical and psychological health. Because of our thorough vetting process, we offer high-quality donors.
  • Discuss egg donor requirements with their partner. In some cases, hopeful parents don’t realize their egg donor preferences vary from their partner’s until they start perusing our database. Getting on the same page with their partner, before beginning egg donor selection, can help a couple feel more unified as they move forward. Sitting down with one another and making a list of egg donor qualifications that are important can be very helpful.
  • Decide what qualifications are flexible. To prevent frustration, hopeful parents can consider talking through which qualifications they can be flexible on. For example, they may agree that ethnicity is nonnegotiable, while education preferences are adjustable.
  • Determine whether they want a known or anonymous donation. A known donation often allows for communication between the egg donor and hopeful parents, and in some cases, one or more meetings. An anonymous donation does not allow for communication between the donor and hopeful parents. Because the donor has to agree to the form of donation the hopeful parents select, this is an important preference to convey to our frozen egg bank network before beginning egg donor selection.
  • Keep an open-mind. Hopeful parents might be surprised by the donors they are drawn to as they begin to browse our egg donor database. Even if these donors don’t meet all of their requirements, it could be beneficial for them to keep an open mind, and consider being flexible on certain preferences.

As hopeful parents navigate egg donor selection, our helpful staff is here to answer questions about the process and offer clarification about any aspects of the egg donor profiles.

Moving forward with egg donation

After egg donor selection, we will support hopeful parents in moving forward with payment and the transfer of the donor eggs to their fertility clinic of choice. We pride ourselves on being a part of the joyful journey to take home a healthy baby.

Contact our frozen egg bank network to learn more about egg donor selection.

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