Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation

Our egg donor psychological evaluation establishes a donor’s mental fitness

We know that choosing your egg donor is a very important decision. You want to know everything you can about the woman who is donating eggs to help you start your family. Knowing your donor is also our priority, and that is why in addition to egg donor medical screening, we also recommend an egg donor psychological evaluation.

What does an egg donor psychological evaluation entail?

We recommend an egg donor psychological evaluation to help assure that donors feel ready to donate, have an awareness of what egg donation involves and that there is no history of mental illness.

The evaluation begins by obtaining personal information, such as marital status, occupation, education and interests. The screener will also find out about their self-care routines, such as diet and exercise. Egg donors also discuss their stress levels, the current causes of stress and the demands on their time.

The egg donor’s background and family history is also important information obtained from an egg donor psychological evaluation. This includes information such as:

  • Past or present mental health issues with the donor or her family members
  • Issues now or in the past with alcohol and/or drug use
  • Legal problems
  • Any kind of abuse that the donor has experienced
  • A family history of conflict or significant crises

Detailed written questions help determine the donor’s state of mind

The egg donor psychological evaluation moves beyond the obvious question of why a donor wants to donate her eggs. It delves into many areas with questions that address these issues:

  • Have you ever donated eggs before?
  • Do you have a supportive person in your life who knows you are an egg donor?
  • Do you want any relationship or contact with the parents or with the child conceived with your donor eggs?
  • Do any of your beliefs conflict with egg donation?
  • Do you understand the process and any medical risks?

Tests assess an egg donor’s personality

There are certain tests that help provide a more complete picture of your egg donor’s personality. You may have taken one or more of these tests yourself. One example of a test that may be used is the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®). Employers often use this test to help them decide if employees are suited to a particular position; similarly, this type of test helps us determine a woman’s fitness for serving as an egg donor.

By the time your donor completes our egg donor psychological evaluation, you and the donor will feel confident that she is ready, willing and able to help you start your family. For more information about egg donors, contact us.

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