Egg Donation Information for Parents

EDCB offers egg donation information for parents

Thank you for choosing Egg Donor Cryobank, a leading-edge frozen egg bank network. We realize that you have many questions about building a family using donor eggs. Our team wants you to feel comfortable with your decision to have a baby using third-party reproduction, so we offer comprehensive egg donation information for hopeful parents. When it comes to making decisions about family-building, we believe that knowledge is power.

Egg donation information for parents

Our frozen egg bank network helps men and women build families using egg donation. To help you decide whether building a family with donor eggs is right for you, our team has provided some egg donation information for parents.

Who is a good fit for egg donation? There are a number of reasons why men and women select egg donation, including advanced maternal age, low ovarian reserve, failed IVF cycles and inheritable genetic disorders. Egg donation is also a great family-building option for gay men.

Why select a frozen egg bank network? Frozen eggs can provide greater flexibility than fresh eggs because there is no need to synchronize your cycle with your egg donor’s cycle. Frozen eggs also allow for transfers to occur when uterine conditions are optimal.

How does a frozen egg bank network work? When you select a donor from our frozen egg bank network, she has already undergone ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and egg freezing. Because we do not perform medical procedures at EDCB, you will visit a fertility specialist for these procedures. After selecting your donor, an embryologist in your fertility specialist’s IVF lab will combine the donor eggs with your male partner’s sperm or donor sperm. After fertilization occurs, the fertility specialist will transfer one or more embryos to your uterus at the optimal time. The fertility specialist will then monitor you for pregnancy.

How does EDCB screen egg donors? Our egg bank network works with accredited healthcare and laboratory professionals to thoroughly screen each donor for genetic, physical and psychological fitness. The goal is to ensure that all egg donors are free of inheritable genetic diseases and are physically and psychologically fit to donate their eggs. You can be confident that you have access to the most-qualified donors.

How does EDCB maintain a diverse egg donor pool? We realize that our parents come from diverse backgrounds, so we strive to maintain a donor database that reflects this diversity. To help you find the right egg donor for your family, we allow you to search our database by ethnicity, educational level, interests, personality and physical appearance.

What type of pregnancy rates does EDCB have? Our frozen egg bank network has an excellent record of successful pregnancies from frozen eggs. We use the latest vitrification techniques to freeze and store eggs, ensuring that as many frozen eggs as possible will fertilize and develop into viable embryos.

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If you would like to learn more about family-building using egg donation, please contact our frozen egg bank network. Donor eggs can make your dreams of parenthood come true.

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