Egg Donation for Gay Couples

Building Families Through Egg Donation for Gay Couples

For many gay couples, there is no greater joy than holding their own child for the very first time. Having a baby is the fulfillment of many couples’ lifelong dreams, and raising that child together is the ultimate expression of commitment and love. Through egg donation for gay couples, our egg donor cryobank helps to transform dreams of parenting into reality.

By combining egg donation with surrogacy, in vitro fertilization makes it possible for gay men to experience the joy of welcoming a biological child into the world. For gay couples who wish to become parents, egg donation provides an opportunity to have children who carry at least one parent’s genetic traits.

Achieve a genetic connection with egg donation for gay couples

We know that choosing the right donor is very important to you, and we invite you to review our database of exceptional young women who have generously offered to help you build your family.

Once you have selected an egg donor through our egg donor cryobank and reserved her frozen eggs, you will work with one of our affiliated fertility clinics to coordinate services with your surrogate.

Using egg donation for gay couples, a genetic connection can be achieved in the lab in one of several ways:

  • Choosing one partner to contribute sperm to fertilize the donated eggs
  • Combining both partners’ sperm to fertilize the donated eggs
  • Using both partners’ sperm to fertilize separate batches of the donated eggs

If neither parent is able to provide sperm, donor sperm can be used for fertilization.

The resulting embryos will be allowed to grow in the lab, then at the perfect time, transferred to your surrogate’s prepared uterus in hopes of achieving pregnancy. If both partners’ sperm is used, embryos from each batch can be transferred in hopes of achieving a single or twin pregnancy.

Any remaining embryos can be frozen in case more than one transfer is required to achieve pregnancy, or for future attempts at having a genetic full or half-sibling.

We are here to help

While egg donation for gay couples may at first seem like a complex process, our egg donor cryobank will do everything possible to make it simple and seamless. We are honored to play a part in helping you build your family.

If you need resources for surrogates or sperm donors, or if you have questions about the process, we are glad to help. To learn more about egg donation for gay couples, please contact our egg donor cryobank.