Choosing a Frozen Egg Bank

What should you consider when choosing a frozen egg bank?

Prescreening Services

A reputable frozen egg bank ensures that your potential donor has been meticulously screened for physical, genetic and psychological health. When making a decision of this magnitude, the last issue you want to worry about, is whether the donor is predisposed to genetic diseases, or has acquired human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or other unknown viruses or complications. The benefit to using frozen eggs is that they are stable for years, allowing egg donors to be retested to confirm their long-term health before you acquire the eggs. Our frozen egg bank works with experienced and fully credentialed healthcare and laboratory professionals to conduct extensive mental and physical health screenings of all donors.

An Extensive Egg Donor Database

EDCB is a network that offers clients a broad array of egg donors. Our extensive database of egg donors provides information that will help you make an informed decision based on the following readily available criteria:

  • Physical appearance
  • Ethnic profile
  • Personality
  • Extracurricular interests
  • Education level

High Pregnancy Success Rates

Our frozen egg bank has an excellent record of successful pregnancies resulting from donated eggs. We employ the latest vitrification technology to freeze and store eggs, resulting in the highest success rates for fertilization and births. Many frozen egg banks provide frozen eggs, but intended parents should inquire about the freezing process they use.

EDCB uses an advanced vitrification process that keeps the outer surface of the egg intact. You may be assured that the majority of eggs you choose for IVF treatment will successfully develop into viable embryos when you are ready to begin the process. EDCB has two highly trained PhD biologists (Doctors Bronte Stone and John Scodras) who collectively bring over 60 years of experience to laboratory methods involved in egg freezing.

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