About Egg Donation

Learn more about egg donation, a family-building option for hopeful parents

Our frozen egg bank network can help men and women learn more about egg donation and take the next steps to become parents. With close to 15,000 cycles per year in the United States using donor eggs, this option is becoming more common for same-sex male couples and women faced with fertility challenges.

What to know about egg donation

Hopeful parents may need to utilize donor eggs for a variety of reasons.

  • Advanced maternal age. As women age, the quality and quantity of their eggs naturally decrease. If an ultrasound and blood test reveal that a woman has a diminished ovarian reserve, egg donation may be one of the options her fertility specialist recommends.
  • Same-sex male couples. Male couples will require donor eggs to conceive.
  • Repeated miscarriages or failed cycles of IVF. Two or more miscarriages, or recurrent IVF failure, could indicate a potential issue with the health of a woman’s eggs.
  • Inheritable genetic conditions. If genetic screening reveals an inheritable condition that could be passed down through the mother, hopeful parents may want to learn more about egg donation.

If egg donation ends up being the best option for hopeful parents, our frozen egg bank network can connect them with a vast database of prescreened donors.

The next steps after deciding to use frozen donor eggs

Once hopeful parents have decided to use donor eggs, the process of moving forward with frozen egg donation is efficient and affordable, typically costing 30% to 50% less than using fresh eggs with similar success rates.

Our team is happy to walk hopeful parents through the next steps.

  • Registration. Hopeful parents will fill out a form to request log in credentials to access our extensive egg donor database. All of our donors have been carefully screened for physical, genetic and psychological health to ensure they are of the highest caliber.
  • Browse the database. Hopeful parents can browse photos, written characteristics and videos of the women who have given the gift of their eggs. They can search by education, ethnicity, interests, personality and physical appearance to help find the perfect match.
  • Donor Selection. Once an egg donor has been selected, we will connect the hopeful parents with one of our partner fertility clinics that can help them move forward with fertility treatments using the frozen donor eggs from our donor egg bank network.

Our frozen egg bank network utilizes vigorous screening processes and state-of-the-art egg freezing and storage technologies to ensure that hopeful parents have the best chance of taking home a healthy baby using frozen donor eggs.

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