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Your passion to create a family in the face of infertility or other issues is our primary focus at the Egg Donor CryoBank Network (EDCB).

There are many reasons why our clients elect to use our frozen egg bank for creating new lives:

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Limited egg production
  • Unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization (IVF) attempts
  • Medical treatments such as those associated with ovarian cancer or chemotherapy
  • A genetic propensity toward chromosomal abnormalities
  • Same-sex relationships

A Frozen Egg Bank Provides Greater Flexibility

The use of frozen eggs provides mothers and surrogates with greater flexibility than fresh egg procedures. There’s no longer a need to synchronize cycles between intended parents and egg donors. With a frozen egg bank, you can select the donor and save the eggs until you are ready, or until fertility experts determine that the uterus is in optimal condition for pregnancy to occur.

Alternatively, women may choose to save their own healthy eggs for use in the future if they want to delay beginning a family or anticipate health treatments that may cause their bodies to no longer produce healthy eggs.

What should you consider when choosing a frozen egg bank?

To learn more about acquiring donor eggs through Egg Donor CryoBank Network (EDCB), contact our experts at or call (646) 532-1096.

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