The Benefits of Egg Donation

Learn more about the many benefits of egg donation

The team at our frozen egg bank network wants women who are interested in donating their eggs to understand the many benefits of egg donation. Helping hopeful parents grow their family is an invaluable gift that offers amazing benefits to all parties.

A look at the benefits of egg donation

As young women research the process of egg donation, they are often excited to discover the numerous benefits it provides.

  • Insight into reproductive health and genetics. During the screening process, a fertility doctor tests a potential donor’s hormone levels and ovarian reserve, which offers valuable information about her fertility. This insight may even help her decide when she’d like to start her own family. All donors also receive thorough genetic testing, allowing them to discover if they have any genetic conditions that could be passed on to their children. This screening, which can be very expensive, is free to the donor.
  • Physical health evaluation. One of the many benefits of egg donation is the comprehensive physical health screening all donors undergo. This testing includes blood work, an ultrasound and a Pap smear.
  • Generous compensation. Donors receive compensation for the time and commitment they give to the egg donation cycle. In many cases, this compensation can open new doors for donors and provide a financial cushion.
  • Change the lives of hopeful parents. If a hopeful mother needs to utilize our frozen egg bank network, it often means that the quality and quantity of her own eggs is not sufficient to develop a healthy pregnancy. The gift of donor eggs may be the woman’s only chance to carry a pregnancy. This altruistic act can be very rewarding for the donor.

The numerous benefits of egg donation make this a positive and life-changing experience for the women who choose to donate.

Become an egg donor

The first step to become an egg donor is ensuring you meet the basic requirements. To qualify, women must be healthy, and between the ages of 19 and 30. If you meet these requirements, the next step is filling out our online application. From there, we will be in touch about the next steps, which include the screening process to confirm your mental, physical and genetic health.

If you would like to learn more about the wonderful process of egg donation, our skilled team of egg donor specialists can offer support. Contact our frozen egg bank network for more information about the benefits of egg donation.