EDCB Recruits All Types of Egg Donors

Egg donors of all backgrounds are welcome here

Today’s world is diverse, and EDCB believes that our egg donor database should be, too. Parents-to-be visit our frozen egg bank network every day seeking donors from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, and we are always recruiting egg donors who can help us add more diversity to our pool of generous donors.

Intended parents are looking for egg donors from all ethnicities

Finding a donor who shares their ethnicity is important for parents. Egg donation is the only chance these parents have to give birth to a baby. They have often undergone years of infertility treatments and heartbreak. Knowing that they can find an egg donor who matches their ethnic heritage can make it easier for parents to accept egg donation as a family-building option. In their minds, even if they can’t share their DNA with their child, they can at least share their heritage.

While Asian and Jewish egg donors are always in high demand among parents, our frozen egg bank network also sees parents who are seeking donors from all other backgrounds. Regardless of your ethnicity, we can guarantee that there is someone who has been searching for an egg donor who matches it exactly. You can be the one to help make their dreams of parenthood come true.

You could be the donor that parents have been seeking

Don’t assume that you can’t make a difference as an egg donor. Our frozen egg bank network needs donors from every ethnic background. For example, our team members have spoken with parents-to-be who are hoping to find an Italian egg donor, and other parents who have been searching for an egg donor who is from the Middle East. It’s also not uncommon for people to seek out an egg donor who has multiple ethnicities in her background.

Men and women come to EDCB from diverse backgrounds and they are looking for donors who do as well. You can give parents an incredible gift – the ability to share their ethnic heritage with their baby. It’s a powerful thing, and your unique background and generous spirit make it possible.

Hopeful parents who visit EDCB include couples and single women struggling with infertility, as well as gay couples who want to build a family through egg donation and surrogacy. If you are interested in learning how you can help as an egg donor, please contact us today.