Genetic Screening for Egg Donors

EDCB provides comprehensive genetic screening for all egg donors

There are many benefits of becoming an egg donor with Egg Donor Cryobank. All egg donors receive generous compensation, the opportunity to freeze eggs for their own use and the knowledge that they are helping hopeful parents build the family of their dreams. In addition to these benefits, the egg donors at our frozen egg bank network will undergo genetic screening, giving them the unique opportunity to learn if they carry an inheritable genetic disorder.

Genetic screening is part of an in-depth health check for egg donors

The hopeful parents who partner with our frozen egg bank network want to know that their egg donor is healthy, so the team at EDCB asks that all potential egg donors undergo an in-depth health check. Not only does this checkup provide peace of mind for hopeful parents, it also gives egg donors information about the state of their physical, reproductive and genetic health.

The health screening process for potential egg donors at EDCB includes the following tests:

  • Blood tests, a gynecological exam and an ultrasound to assess ovarian reserve
  • Blood tests for blood type, complete blood count, prolactin, Rh factor and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
  • Blood or urine tests to check for the presence of illicit drugs
  • Blood tests to check for sexually transmitted diseases

In addition to these blood tests, potential egg donors will also undergo genetic screening to determine if they carry an inheritable disorder or disease. This is the perfect opportunity for donors to learn more about their genetic health.

All donors are tested for cystic fibrosis, but they may also be tested for other genetic diseases such as sickle cell disease or Tay-Sachs disease, depending on their ethnicity or family history. To help our team determine the right tests for each donor, it is important for donors to share information about their ethnic background and family history with our frozen egg bank network.

There are so many reasons to feel good about becoming an egg donor

When you become an egg donor with our frozen egg bank network, you can feel proud that you are helping deserving men and women build families. You can also take comfort in the knowledge that you have a clean bill of health and are free of inheritable genetic disorders because EDCB only selects donors who are healthy.

To learn more about the egg donor screening process, including genetic screening, please contact us for more information. Interested in becoming an egg donor? Take five minutes to fill out our donor screening form to see if you pre-qualify.