Egg Freezing for Egg Donors

EDCB offers compensation and complimentary egg freezing for egg donors

Thank you for your interest in becoming an egg donor with EDCB. Our frozen egg bank network – and the hopeful parents we serve – are very grateful. To thank you for your life-changing gift, we offer generous monetary compensation and complimentary egg freezing for egg donors.

Egg freezing for egg donors can help you have a baby when you’re ready

Motherhood is a big decision, and you should be able to decide if and when you would like to become a mother. Our frozen egg bank network realizes that many of our donors are interested in having a baby someday – just not today. Thanks to advances in reproductive medicine, more people are choosing to preserve their fertility with egg freezing, and we want to be sure that our exceptional egg donors have the chance to preserve theirs, too.

Freezing your eggs can be expensive, but EDCB makes the process more affordable for its donors. When you successfully donate to our frozen egg bank network, we will reserve one to three eggs from your donor cycle for your future use, at no cost to you. The number of eggs you can freeze depends on the outcome of your donor cycle.

Since egg freezing is our specialty, you can feel confident that your frozen eggs will be in good hands. Our team combines years of meticulous research with the latest developments in cryobiology to successfully freeze and store eggs for later use.

A typical egg freezing cycle can cost between $10,000 and $12,000, with an annual storage fee of up to $1,750. However, we will store your eggs for the first year free of charge, as a way to say thank you for donating to our frozen egg bank network.

Ask your EDCB counselor for more information about egg freezing

We assign a counselor to each donor at our frozen egg bank network. Your counselor can answer any of your questions about the egg donation process, including questions about compensation and our egg freezing programs for donors. Don’t miss the opportunity to preserve your own fertility, while giving the gift of a family with your donation.

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor with EDCB, take five minutes to see if you qualify. Your generous gift can help dreams of parenthood become a reality.