Egg Donor Psychological Screening

EDCB provides comprehensive egg donor psychological screening and counseling

The team at Egg Donor Cryobank Network realizes that the decision to become an egg donor involves complex emotional and ethical issues. As a result, our frozen egg bank network provides egg donor psychological screening, as recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). The process begins with an initial counseling session led by an experienced mental health professional, but it doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing support to our donors throughout the decision-making process and the donor cycle.

Egg donor psychological screening involves an initial counseling session and ongoing support

To begin the process of egg donation, each potential egg donor participates in a minimum of 2 hour(s) of individual counseling conducted by a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist. During this time, the counselor will ask questions about your mental health, family history, personal background, interests, life circumstances, support systems, and motivation to donate. They will also evaluate your emotional and psychological suitability as a donor and your ability to fulfill all requirements of egg donation.

At this time, you can also ask questions about the egg donation process and explore the emotional and ethical issues associated with egg donation. The team at EDCB wants you to feel comfortable with the short- and long-term implications of donating your eggs. The first counseling session is meant to ensure that serving as an egg donor is the right choice for you.

After the initial counseling session and acceptance into our egg donor pool, we will continue to offer ongoing psychological support throughout the egg donation process as a way to support you on your journey as a donor with EDCB.

Psychological screening benefits both egg donors and intended parents

Our frozen egg bank network team wants egg donors and intended parents to come away from the egg donation experience feeling satisfied with the process. Providing psychological screening and counseling for egg donors is one of the ways we accomplish this goal.

Intended parents want to know that egg donors who are physically and psychologically healthy have voluntarily donated their eggs. Knowing that EDCB egg donors have undergone psychological screening and receive access to counseling puts them at ease. As for egg donors, psychological services like screening and counseling provide the necessary emotional support during the egg donation process.

If you’d like more information about psychological screening and counseling for egg donors, please contact us today. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at EDCB can answer all of your questions.