The beauty of donating for Egg Donor Cryobank is that you don’t have to wait to be matched to donate your eggs.

Once you are approved to become an EDCB donor, you will be able to choose when YOU want to donate your eggs, based on convenience with your schedule.  You will be paid for your time on the day of egg retrieval.  EDCB will cover all the costs for your testing and medical care.  Most of all, EDCB believes in YOU and that your eggs will be selected in the future.  You will never have to go through the entire screening and vetting process;  fill out questionnaires and provide photos – only to sit and wait until you get the call from the agency that you have finally been selected by someone.  You won’t have to worry about blackout dates or bending your schedule to coincide with someone else’s so you can actually donate your eggs and give  the gift of family to a couple.  Once you make the generous choice to donate and clear the screening process, you are given a calendar of treatment and begin your cycle on your time, and are paid at the time of retrieval.

You can earn up to $30,000 total compensation for 6 successful egg donation cycles.

Egg Donor Cryo Bank starts with a $4,000 compensation fee for first time donors but this compensation is negotiable if you are a proven donor and/or in high demand.  In addition, EDCB will let return donors freeze a couple of her own eggs, free of charge, for future use (this would cost you upwards of $10,000 if done on your own).  Storage fees will apply.

Immediate donating, compensation and fertility preservation…something you can take to the bank.  Egg Donor Cryobank that is!!!