Becoming an Italian Egg Donor

Help build a family by becoming an Italian egg donor

Italian intended parents who come to EDCB often tell our staff that it’s important for them to find an egg donor who matches their ethnic background. By becoming an Italian egg donor with our frozen egg bank network you can help intended parents share their heritage with their children.

Becoming an Italian egg donor is a rewarding experience for women

Anyone who grew up in an Italian household understands the importance of Italian culture. The physical traits, traditions and even cuisine show the world who you are and where your family has come from. Even more than that, there’s a pride that comes from being able to say: I am Italian.

Many of our clients worry that they won’t be able to pass this proud legacy to their children. However, by becoming an Italian egg donor, you allow intended parents to keep Italian blood in the family. There’s no feeling more rewarding.

In addition to the knowledge that you are allowing intended parents to share their Italian heritage with their children, you will also receive compensation from our frozen egg bank network.

The egg donation process at EDCB involves several steps

Our frozen egg bank network has some requirements for all egg donors. If you’re interested in becoming an egg donor with EDCB, check the list below to see if you meet the qualifications.

  • You are a healthy woman between the ages of 19 and 30 with a normal BMI.
  • You are free of communicable diseases and genetic abnormalities.
  • You can undergo and pass a genetic, medical and psychological screening.
  • You are willing to sign legal agreements releasing the rights to the eggs you donate.
  • You have reliable transportation.

If you meet these qualifications, you can start the egg donation process with EDCB. First, you will take medication to stimulate egg production in your ovaries. You will then attend monitoring appointments and, when your eggs are ready, you will undergo egg retrieval. Your eggs will be frozen and stored after the procedure, and they will remain in storage until one of our clients is ready to use them.

Egg donors help people become proud parents. If you’re interested in becoming an Italian egg donor, EDCB encourages you to apply today.