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Partners in Reproduction

We welcome your interest in learning more about our experience, technology, acquisition procedures and storage capabilities for frozen eggs. You can inquire about joining our frozen egg bank network or utilize our depth of resources rather than developing expensive in-house programs that may be underutilized.

Egg Acquisition

You can rely on our pregnancy data and extensive record of success when acquiring frozen eggs for your clients. Our thorough donor-screening process provides reassurance for your patients and offers the highest chance for success. We are equipped to harvest eggs from your donors, employing our high-quality vitrification process to successfully freeze the eggs before shipping them back to you for fertilization and implantation when requested.

As an experienced fertility specialist, you know that fresh donor egg fertility treatments are becoming obsolete. Frozen eggs offer greater reliability and versatility for intended parents because of quick turnaround times instead of cycle synchronization required with fresh-egg in-vitro fertilization.

Frozen egg bank partnerships with fertility clinics around the country expand your clients’ options. Your patients are not forced to use another doctor at a different IVF clinic when they select frozen eggs from EDCB. If they like their doctor, they can keep their doctor when selecting eggs from Egg Donor Cryo Bank!

The Egg Donor Cryo Bank Network (EDCB) offers the depth of resources that only experience can provide. We can enhance your pregnancy success rate by:

• Supplying eggs from a genetically sound donor base
• Providing screening and compensation services for your donors
• Storing donor or client eggs for future use

To learn more about fertility clinic partnerships with Egg Donor Cryo Bank Network, contact our experts at or call (646) 532-1096.