EDCB: Egg Donation Creates Babies

Quality Donors You can Bank On! Affordable Options to Start or Expand Your Family

Egg Donor Cryo Bank Network (EDCB) offers intended parents an increased sense of security by providing access to a vast database of pre-screened donors. We have a diverse supply of frozen eggs on hand when you and your physician decide that the time is right.

Your treatment can begin on your schedule because with frozen eggs, there is no waiting for donor availability, or to match with the donor you have your eye on.

Purchasing frozen eggs from EDCB is efficient and affordable, typically costing about 30%-50% less than using fresh egg donation.

Start your family on your timeline.

EDCB: Egg Donation Creates Babies

Donors Help Dreams Come True. We welcome inquiries from women who would like to become potential donors.

Our long-standing relationships with coast-to-coast fertility practices and donor agencies allow us to provide generous compensation to those who would like to assist others in becoming parents.

EDCB is looking for all races and ethnicities from anywhere in the United States and abroad.

If you think you would be a good egg donor, please fill our short form and one of our counselors will call you back. EDCB- Egg Donation Creates Babies!

You can give the greatest gift of all…the gift of life…family and love!

Egg Donor Cryo Bank Network (EDCB) gives intended parents more choices.

For those who need a frozen egg bank to have a baby or add to their family. EDCB gives you the chance to select your own donor; thus gaining control over the process. You can view photos, written characteristics and even videos of the woman who provided the wonderful gift of her eggs. We provide a cost effective family planning option for intended parents battling infertility, illness, or other barriers to pregnancy.

Frozen Egg Bank Diversity

EDCB recruits our donors from college campuses and young professional organizations in order to access the highest caliber of women. We have a unique database of widely diverse donors from all racial and ethnic backgrounds who are currently studying or have completed college.

A Ready Supply of Options For Family Building

Demand for frozen eggs for fertility treatments is exponentially increasing. Years of meticulous research, combined with the latest innovations in cryobiology, have led to our highly successful methods for freezing and storing eggs so that they remain viable. Extensive live-birth data captured during many years of cryopreservation before and after the advanced technique of vitrification, supports our position that our frozen egg bank is the premier choice for third-party reproduction involving donor eggs. To learn more about the Egg Donor Cryo Bank Network (EDCB), contact our experts or  call (646) 532-1096.