Egg Donor Benefits

Find many egg donor benefits

Women who work with our frozen egg bank network can receive exciting egg donor benefits. Egg donation is a rewarding commitment that not only offers a wonderful gift to hopeful parents, but can greatly enhance the life of the egg donor.

A look at the egg donor benefits

As women explore the possibility of donating eggs, it’s important to understand the many egg donor benefits they can expect.

  • Comprehensive health evaluation. Egg donors receive a thorough assessment of their general health through testing, including blood work, an ultrasound and a Pap smear.
  • Discover their fertility potential. The health screening the donor will receive offers valuable information about her hormone levels and ovarian reserve. This information can help her decide when she would like to start her own family.
  • Complimentary fertility preservation. Donors who have successfully donated to our frozen egg bank network have the option of reserving one to three of their eggs and storing them for future use. We offer complimentary frozen egg storage for the first year.
  • Genetic screening. Egg donor benefits include genetic testing. This testing provides an illuminating look at a woman’s genetic makeup and whether she is a carrier of any inheritable genetic conditions.
  • Helping hopeful parents achieve their dreams of parenthood. The generous gift of egg donation will help the eventual recipients of the donor eggs take a crucial step in their journey to take home a healthy baby.
  • Compensation for your time. The compensation donors receive for their time and commitment can create many new possibilities.

Egg donor benefits open many doors to knowledge and opportunities for the altruistic women who are willing to provide this profound gift.

Next steps in becoming an egg donor

Healthy women between the ages of 19 and 30 who are interested in starting this exciting journey can begin by filling out our short and simple application.

  • One of our counselors will be in touch about the next steps, which include the screening process to ensure that the prospective donor meets our physical and emotional criteria.
  • Once the donor has been medically cleared, she can begin an egg donation cycle.

Our friendly and compassionate staff members are here to support egg donors during every step of this process, helping to ensure they have a positive experience.

Contact our frozen egg bank network for more information about egg donor benefits.